7 Important Questions to Ask During an Open House

7 Important Questions to Ask During an Open House

  • Lisa Quam
  • 01/30/23

Are you considering investing in Las Vegas real estate and planning on attending a few open houses soon? Visiting open houses can often help you determine whether a home could be the perfect fit for you. Here are seven questions you might want to ask at the next open house you attend!

1. Why does the seller want to move?

There are many reasons that homeowners in Las Vegas might decide to sell their homes. Some might need to relocate due to a new job or to be closer to family. Families with kids might wish to relocate to a bigger home, or empty nesters want to downsize to a smaller space. However, sometimes people move for less savvy reasons. If they are hesitant to explain why they wish to move, that could indicate a less-than-optimal home or neighborhood experience. In situations like this, you might have to either steer clear of the home or ask further questions to determine if it could still work for you. By asking sellers why they want to move, you can gauge their overall level of satisfaction!

2. What is the seller’s timeline?

It can be helpful to ask the seller’s agent how quickly the seller needs to sell their home. Sometimes sellers want to sell as soon as possible. For example, they might be more open to negotiations if they have just received a job transfer and need to relocate as quickly as possible. However, some sellers might prefer to take their time. For example, a family with school-aged kids might not be in a rush to sell until after the school year is over. In this case, they are more likely to wait for the perfect offer to come to them. It may require a more extensive negotiation strategy to entice these sellers to accept your offer. Ultimately knowing how quickly a seller wants to move forward can help determine how fast the home-buying process will proceed.

3. How long has the home been on the market?

It is always a good idea to ask when the home was first listed. If the home has been on the market for several months, it could indicate that there might be something wrong with the home. For example, the home might be priced incorrectly, or it might not have gotten any upgrades. There could even be structural or electrical damage in the home. Since Las Vegas real estate tends to sell on the faster end, it might indicate a problem when the house takes longer to sell.

4. How many offers has the seller received?

Another question you might want to ask is about the other offers the seller has received. If the seller has received many offers, it could point to a highly competitive environment in which you might have to prepare for a bidding war. However, if the seller has not received any offers, you might have an easier time negotiating on the home. You can also ask if any offers fell through in the past, which could point to a few things. For one, it could show that there might be something wrong with the home. For another, the seller might simply take their time and wait for the perfect offer. Knowing how many offers the seller has received can indicate how popular the home is and whether there is competition from others. 

5. When was the last time that the home was renovated?

Many Las Vegas homeowners choose to do renovations and upgrades on their homes. From adding luxurious finishes to a private outdoor kitchen, homeowners add many upgrades. While many of these upgrades can add value to the home, there might be a potential problem, particularly when the upgrades are DIYs. Sometimes when homeowners choose the DIY option, there is the risk that it might not satisfy the local or state codes. If the renovation does not, then it might even have to be removed. To avoid any possible headaches, you might consider getting the home inspected before closing to ensure that the home satisfies all codes. Ultimately, a professional home inspection can ensure that the house is safe to live in and an excellent investment!

6. What is the neighborhood like?

As the neighborhood is an extension of the house, you need to ask the seller’s agent about the neighborhood. Many homes for sale in Summerlin belong to the Summerlin Homeowners Association (HOA), which offers alluring amenities, such as award-winning golf courses, swimming pools, sports courts, and parks. The HOA also hosts many community events, such as yoga classes and holiday activities. In addition, you could ask the seller’s agent about the people who live in the neighborhood. Consider also asking who lives next door, as that could indicate what kind of vibe you can expect throughout the day. For example, are they retired empty nesters, young professionals, or families? Knowing about the people who live in the neighborhood and how they interact can help you determine the overall vibe and culture you can expect from living in the Summerlin area and beyond!

7. What is included in the home sale?

The last thing you should ask at an open house event for Las Vegas real estate is what items will be included in the home. Generally, sellers are not expected to include anything in the home, even major kitchen appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. However, it is still a good idea to ask. Sometimes sellers might not wish to take things with them, such as the grand piano or ornately decorated expansive mirror. Furthermore, sometimes sellers sell move-in ready properties that come fully equipped with all the furniture and appliances you need to begin living. By asking, you will know what to expect so that the final walk-through and closing process will happen seamlessly!

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